byob box

Build Your Own Braid Box

$400 Value for $30 USD*

6 packs of braiding hair, pre-stretched or non-stretched,
delivered 6x per year

$400+ Value for $30 USD*


Plus Shipping Change

we ship worldwide

How It Works

Order the Box

Become a member & just for $30 a month, you'll get a box filled with 6 of your
favorite non-toxic braiding hair valued
at over $400


Every other month curate the box
you want. Keep your box the same or
switch it up---it's up to you!

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You'll know when your box arrives every month so you can set your appointments
on time. Don't forget to unbox and tag
us at #byobbox


With your membership you'll have
access to over 60 color combinations
and access to join our fabulous Hair
Goals community


  • What is a BYOB Box?

    • BYOBBox is the first Build Your Own Braid Box curated by you! You can addyour favorite colored braiding hair and choose between pre-stretchedand non-stretched hair and delivered to your door in time for yournext hair appointment.

  • How much is the box?

    • YourBuild Your Own Braid Box subscription is $30per month plus shipping

  • How many products can I add?

    • Youcan add a maximum of 6 packs of hair to your box. 6 is enough tocomplete most styles.

  • When will I billed for my subscription?

    • Youwill be billed for your first box with your initial purchase when yousign up. Starting with your second box, you will be billed monthlyon the 15th. You will receive a reminder of payment 3 days beforeyour payment due date.

  • How often will I receive a BYOB Box?

    • Typicallya braided style will last 4-6 weeks so we ship boxes bi-monthly. Yourinitial box will arrive the first week of the following month.

  • Example

    • Yousubscribe November 13. Your November box will arrive the first weekin December. Your next subscription payment will be due December 15thand your second box will arrive the first week of January.

  • I tried to subscribe but the subscription was closed. Why?

    • Subscriptionopens the second Friday of every month and closes on the sixth day.

  • What if I want to change my box?

    • Youcan modify your box 3 days before your next payment. The beauty of the build your own braidbox subscription is you decide what you want. You can mix and matchor switch between non-stretched and pre-stretched options.

  • What if I want to cancel my subscription?

    • Youcan pause or cancel your subscription up until 3 days before yournext billing statement by visiting the Manage Subscription page fromyour account.

  • What happens if my payment doesn’t go through?

    • Wewill make 3 attempts before canceling your subscription.

  • Do you accept returns or exchanges?

    • Wedo not accept returns or exchanges do to the nature of our productsand the health and safety of our customers.

  • Don’t see a your question here?

    • Emailour superior customer service team at