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Are you looking for itch-free and natural-looking lace closure wigs?

We make non-toxic, ready-to-wear synthetic wigs that make you look and feel confident.



Premium Synthetic Hair Wig, With Lace Closure

Pre-styled, but Washable and Curl-able (max. heat 350°)

Itch-free, Glueless, & Non-Toxic Lace Closure Wig


Kudobuzz Epiphany Kirkwood

I love the quality of this hair, beautiful color, no scalp ichyness and most important , Latched & Hooked customer is so helpful! Imma STAN them fore ...Read More


24" long braids
100% synthetic hair wig
Non-toxic Hazel braiding hair
Cap is one size fits most
Velcro cap closure for size adjustment

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Find a wig that matched your natural texture.
Itch-free, lightweight, and glueless.
It’s easy to put on and take off.
Great for corporate life, entrepreneur life, or the nightlife.

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Are You Ready To Achieve An “Out of the Salon” Look and Feel Your Best?