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Braid Collection

*Please Read Description Box Below Prior to Ordering*

The Braid Collection is Latched & Hooked's curated line of fun custom dyed synthetic textured braiding hair. What makes our hair different is in our formulation. We do not use toxic chemicals and we have found that 99% of our customers do not experience scalp irritation. However we do not make any claims that our hair is itch-free and will not cause any irritation since each woman's ph balance is different you may have a different experience.

When our hair is dipped the hair will not turn "silky" our hair is textured and the way you receive it in the packaging is the texture you will get once dipped in hot water. For safety concerns we recommend that a licensed professional use hot water while dipping for at least 60 seconds. 

Our braiding hair can be flat ironed, curled, blow dried and dipped. You can use our hair for individual braids, fulani feed in braids, locs, cornrows, individual twists, ponytails, crochet or any creative design you can imagine.

Latched and Hooked's braiding hair is non-toxic and custom dyed and hand blended. We do not claim that our braiding hair is itch-free and everyone's sensitivity to synthetic hair may vary. 


 *Please note that due to hair being hand dyed colors my vary slightly. Also if you choose to use products on our hair such as shampoo, mousse, oils etc this can effect the color used to dye the braiding hair and may bleed or fade while washing, swimming etc. Use your own discretion, however we are not responsible for the outcome.

Pre-stretched Hair is hair that is tapered, thinned out and stretched. The weight of this hair is also less than that of our non-stretched hair which will require you to need more to complete a full braid style. Please consult your stylist for how many packs you will need or email our customer service and we can attempt to help. Note: all colors do not come in a pre-stretched option.

Non Pre-stretched Hair has not been stretched or tapered at the ends. Please consult your stylist for their preference.