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10 Thoughts We've All Had While Getting Our Hair Braided

Posted on 02 August 2017

There are few things more painful than committing an entire Saturday or Sunday to sitting in a chair and getting your hair braided. Not only are you losing half of your precious weekend, you’re voluntarily choosing to be shifted around like a rag doll while your hair is parted and pulled on by someone who would rather be doing anything else and isn't afraid to show it. Here are some thoughts we’ve all had while spending our eight-hour sentence in the braiding salon chair.

1. It’s a Shame I Had to Bring My Own Shampoo!

Like basic doobie shops and blow-out bars, most braiding salons are known for one thing and extensive hair care isn’t it. You’re not alone if you’ve felt like you needed to bring your own supplies to make sure your hair was properly prepped for protective styling.

2. What The Heck Is This Movie?

Haven’t we all wanted to ask why Beyonce’ vs. Rihanna part seventeen doesn’t feature either Beyonce OR Rihanna and where exactly Rihanna got that blinged out machete?

3. How Do They Not Take Cards?

People who have never ran to the ATM with their hair in a bonnet will never understand this struggle.

4. Whose Kids Are These?

You showed up at 7am to avoid it but somehow you’re still surrounded by sticky fingers and loud screams. At some point we’ve all just had to accept that no matter what there will be multiple minors running around with reckless abandon. Just make sure not to say yes when they ask if there’s games on your iPhone 7- it’s a setup.

5. Ow! That Was My Neck!

Sit still or suffer the consequences.

6. I Wish I Brought My Headphones!

The rowdy children and searing neck pain wouldn’t be so bad if you had thought to stash some earbuds in your clutch but now you’re stuck listening to faux Rihanna strangle phony Queen Bey as somebody’s baby cries in the corner. You knew better but we’ve all been there.

7. Do I Smell Chicken?


 There is nothing more gross than the smell of Crisco coated fingers sliding through your hair. Did this lady fry chicken before doing my hair? Bringing your lunch from home is cool, but sis so are wet wipes. 

8. You On The Phone Again 


 Ugh! If you pick up that phone or text one more time---I'm out. Not really, but girl.

9. How Is She Not Done Yet?


Somehow that last patch of hair in the front of your head always seems to last way longer than the twenty minutes you told your best friend you were going to be. Good thing you didn’t confirm your uber because you’re clearly not going anywhere anytime soon.

10. I Can’t Feel My Brain

The second you’re done you realize you no longer seem to have a scalp. Bright side? You probably won’t need to re-up on edge control.

If you can relate to these moments and would like to avoid reliving them consider installing some of our Zoë twists or slipping on one of our crown wigs! It’s the same style without the same struggle.


Photo Credits: Essence, Giphy

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