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3 Protective Styles Perfect for Post Big Chop Hair

Posted on 29 March 2017

So you’ve done it. You ignored your bossy bae, skipped consulting with your stylist, sought blogger inspiration and you just cut it all off. Now you can start rocking that tapered cut you’ve been ogling on Pinterest for six months. There’s just one problem now that you’ve finally shed the dead weight-what do you do with your hair in the meantime! Don’t let being stumped about your current style suck the fun out of your transition. Latched and Hooked’s protective styling options are the perfect hack for you to fake it until you make it. Here are three products that can help you skip from stressed to cute.

Extra Small Curl

Fast forward a full nine months in your natural hair journey by recreating a tapered cut with our extra small curl. This pre-curled textured hair is available in two lengths that can easily be snipped to suit the style of your dreams. See how our model slays sporting them below.

Zima Wig

A woman’s hair is her crowning glory and the time right after a big chop can be very unsettling even for those who have gone through the process before.The Zima Wig is a complete immediate hair style customized to your needs. It’s available with micro-size braids, straight twists, and kinky twists. Having a go to back up hairstyle on deck is a great way to ensure that you can get out of the house in five minutes at all times, at least the times when you’re not trying to get the line of your liquid liner as perfect as our model’s. Unsure how to style it? Check this tutorial. 


Custom Crochet Wig

 Life is so much easier when you can shake, fluff, and go and you can do that with textured hair in braided or wig form. Consider creating a customized crochet wig to imitate the big fluffy curls you had to let go off in favor of creating healthier ones. Use hair in an unexpected color or simply stick to your natural hair texture. Experiment by manipulating the hair at different angles to get different looks. There's nothing you can't accomplish with a latch hook and a little ingenuity-- just ask Chimere Nicole. 

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