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Get The Look: Skai Jackson's "Power of Young Hollywood" Puff

Posted on 06 September 2017

Fetes honoring the faces of “young hollywood” used to be just a sea of blonde starlets with stick straight strands and their cookie cutter boy band counterparts. But slowly but surely the red carpets in tinseltown have been making room for the melanin and textured manes that teens everywhere are starting to embrace. Enter stunning child star Skai Jackson.

After spending a fair amount of time consistently sporting her now iconic and meme-inspiring high ponytail the Disney Channel star has stepped out of her comfort zone towards another age appropriate slay. The young actress arrives at Variety's "Power of Young Hollywood" party this year wearing a charming and simple style that was perfect for the occasion.

She finished the look off by lining her bright eyes with an electric blue liner and adding a pure pink lip. 

We’ve got the details on how to recreate her look for the next red carpet moment in your life in just a few easy steps.

  1. Part front of hair horizontally
  2. Braid the back of hair so it can easily attach to our kinky bulk hair
  3. Separate the front of hair into three sections using our tortoise shell rat tail comb,  make sure that the middle section is significantly larger than the two side sections and don’t worry about parts being super straight a little curve looks great here 
  4. Pull each of the three separate sections into an individual ponytail using rubber braid binders that match your hair color
  5. Twist each of the ponytails loosely
  6. Manipulate the twists into loose individual buns
  7. Add our kinky bulk hair to the back of your hair using crochet or diy clip-ins  

8. Add gold or silver charms to the front of each of your buns

9. Using a toothbrush or another thin soft bristled tool emphasize your baby hairs with your favorite edge control

10.Complete the look with your favorite finishing spray!

Jackson and her classic self-satisfied expression might have already taken over social media but her modest yet modern dress selections and smart beauty choices are bound to land her on more than a few best dressed lists.  We can’t wait to see what this rising star does next!

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