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5 Things To Consider Before Choosing a New Salon

Posted on 31 May 2017


The best part about our hair extensions is it's easy to install. But, just because you can easily latch and hook on your own doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a little luxury! Getting your hair done can turn you into a whole new woman! After all, who doesn’t need a break from their routine? For years women of color have been conditioned to feel that visiting a salon in somehow a chore--a wasted day. We’ve traded truth bombs as we cracked jokes about doubled booked appointments and excessive dryer times. Luckily with the launch of targeted pop-up shops and innovative apps you’ve got more choices than ever. Looking to switch things up? Here are five things to consider before choosing a new salon home.

1. Wifi Access

Today we’ve got to stay connected 24/7. There’s nothing worse than missing a major e-mail or not being able to catch up on your instastories because you’re out of data and afraid to refresh. Stay in the loop while you’re keeping it cute by choosing a salon with courtesy wireless access.

2. The Quality of Its Recommendations

Growing up, a favorite aunt of mine was prone to saying “consider the source” and nowhere is this advice more prudent than with hairdresser suggestions. Your co-worker’s cousin might have been cool that one time you guys met up for a group happy hour but do you really want someone with no edges recommending someone to maintain yours? Yea didn’t think so.

3. Price

That $49 full install might seem like it’s a good value but a couple of trim and deep condition fees later you might wish you had shopped around. Consider what’s important to you and ask questions before you make a commitment.  

4. Availability of Additional Services

Nothing beats the convenience of a one-stop shop. Consider choosing a salon that offers facials, eyebrow threading, or other services that are vital to your beauty routine so that you can save time and possibly some coins!

5. Willingness to Accept Input  

A quality stylist will welcome inquiries about the products and techniques his or her salon uses and not spurn them. Make sure to pick a salon that will respect and address your questions and concerns about your hair’s health. If a salon’s staff makes you feel like you’re being annoying they’re probably not the place for you. 

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Photo Credits: Curly Nikki, Black Enterprise, The New York Times 

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