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Curls & Couture's Courtney Danielle Shares Her Style Secrets

Posted on 24 May 2017


If you’ve ever been lost down the beauty guru rabbit hole you’ve probably felt like your favorite YouTuber had something you didn’t and they did-countless hours of trial and error. Curls & Couture’s Courtney Danielle might be known for her signature twist out and awesome curl definition now but there was a time when all she had was questions and a rattail comb like the rest of us. Find out how this popular digital influencer acquired the skills to install her own protective styles, her secrets to slaying on #baecation, and what she loves about connecting with all of you below.

Where did you acquire the skills to do your own hair?  

That was trial and error. What I started to do when I was transitioning is I got curly hair and I would teach myself how to do curly hair on weave before I fully went into natural. So by the time I was fully natural I had almost a year of practice doing twist-outs, braid-outs, flexi-rods, all of that. And then anything I wanted to learn I would watch on YouTube or I would ask professionals. Whenever I go to a stylist I’m asking them questions. “What are you doing?” “Why are you doing that?” “Why is this important?” “Why are you using this technique over that technique?”

How does it makes you feel now that YouTubers are learning from you?

I think it’s cool. It makes me happy. I love when people tell me “I learned how to do a flexi-rod set because of you!” I’m like “for real?” It gives me the confidence that I’m doing something right.

How do you take care of your hair when you’re traveling?

Protective styles. That is the number one thing to do because it’s easy as long as I have a protective style I’m good.

How do you deal with TSA limits on liquids in your carryon?

Usually I end up taking a combination of travel size and full time products depending on where I’m going. When I went to Bali I took a full size conditioner but I usually take only one full size product. Whatever styling product I can get hold and moisture with I bring. If I’m doing braids, faux-locks, or crochet I take travel size products.

What are some of your favorite travel-size products? 

Girl+Hair. It’s what I travel with. That and Jane Carter they have a whole travel line. Oh and Devacurl, their super cream, It’s not travel size but it’s a small bottle and it won’t spill in your bag.

How do you use Girl+Hair?

I use it when I go away on vacation I like the ease of it. When you’re doing protective styles you have to really get in between each braid. For me, having that applicator bottle, having the ability to just get up and go and not worrying about diluting my shampoo or diluting conditioner enough so I won't get build up, things like that are important to me. It was really easy to use. I also like companies that start in the home. It’s not a big manufactured product. And I like that she has a science background. The people behind the brand are important to me too.

What made you want to work with Girl+Hair?

They reached out to me sometime last year when I had faux-locks. I liked what they stood for and the fact that they were solely dedicated to under care. There weren’t any brands that did that so that was interesting to me. I thought it was different.

Your boyfriend was featured in a video where he styled your hair. Do you guys share products? How does that work?

Girllll! In the beginning he used to take all my products. He was literally taking products as I was using them. Then I got the Jane Carter men's line and now we both love Jane Carter and I don't have to worry about him taking my stuff!

Do you think that’s a good way to bond in your relationship?

Oh my gosh yes! He loves it. He comes to me like “my curls are popping today!” I have to tell him “alright relax!” Beyond the hair he’s a videographer so he can relate to the creative aspect.

At last year’s Curlfest you wore really long cornrows what are you planning on rocking this year?

I want to do that style of like cornrows in the front with boxbraids in the back or to the side with the hair jewelry. I’m feening to do that! I love charms. I did a festival look for a video and I used them.

One last question. HOW did you create that halo braid?

Haha. I have a fake halo braid I made.

 It’s fake?!

 Yeah. I put my hair in a bun then I use chunky braiding hair and I secure it to the back of the bun and wrap it around. It takes me thirty minutes. If my hair is stretched it takes probably fifteen minutes.




*This conversation has been edited for length and clarity.  

Photo Credits: Curls & Couture


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