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Back to School Styles for Every Age

Posted on 05 July 2017

Families across the nation may just be winding down from their 4th of July activities but before they know it it’ll be time for backpacks and book covers. That's right school is coming back sooner than you think, and with early mornings comes a need for a routine that gets everyone up and out the door--on time! Lucky for you, we have hair style suggestions that are suitable for every stage in education--even dad can get in on this!

Crochet Styles for Kids

Kindergarten-Elementary School

Our chemical-free crochet curls are the perfect choice for kids over 8. They require minimal manipulation and are difficult to pull out once installed so they'll be no awkward moments of hair falling out. Add a bow or cute headband to your child’s look so she can stand out on her first day of school.

Middle School

As kids get older they crave a little more independence. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the beauty department. While tinted lip gloss and diy contour kits may give you pause, hair is a (mostly) harmless area to allow your child to express themselves with temporary hair color and accessories. Consider allowing them to try our Zoë bohemian crochet twists. They can pull them into fun styles and personalize them with beads or charms so that they can express their style in a healthy, age appropriate, (and most importantly non-permanent) way. Check out a young Willow Smith rocking hers with charms above. 



 Back To School Hair Styles for College Students

College is the place where most young adults learn to be resourceful and (hopefully) independent. While most college students don't have jobs that can maintain an lifestyle that consist of weekly salon visits, our Shake, Fluff and Go!  pre-curled and looped synthetic hair is low maintenance and easy to install while catching up on your favorite Netflix. This style can last up to 8 weeks with proper care and worn in so many different ways--you won't get bored. 



ombre cornrows

Ombre cornrows created with our purple rain braid hair is a great way to make a statement. 



Photo Credits: Natural Hair Kids, L+H Beauty

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