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How to Lose a Client in 60 seconds

Posted on 12 July 2017

When a hair stylist attempted to slander her client on social media she was met with a collective “oh no baby what is you doing” from the natural hair community. The “internets” did what they do and rallied the troops in defense of her unsatisfied customer attacking everything from the woman’s character to her closure. Comments ranged from the slightly dissapointed to the full on infuriated. Women couldn’t believe that a stylist would turn on her client in such a public fashion.

A staple in every community, a visit to the hair salon is sacrosanct.  As a result the stylist/client relationship is a trusted one, built on a mutual investment of time and trust, but when it goes south the situation can be difficult to salvage. And once the drama is made public the same can be said for the stylist’s reputation.  We’ve prepared a list of hard and fast rules to ensure you lose a client in sixty seconds that any stylist can benefit from NOT following.

Be A Chatty Patty

Clients see their stylists as part service professionals and part therapists. While they may indulge in petty gossip about their friends, family, and even fellow patrons don’t join in. Keep it cute and they’ll always trust you enough to keep coming back. This cone of silence extends to dissatisfied customers as well. No matter what was done or said make it a policy to keep news of client drama limited to relevant staff and for God’s sake DO NOT share it on the internet.

Throw Some Shade

Hair salons are generally pretty informal environments. Because of this it may feel like your client is your friend and sting when they hurt your feelings by criticizing your work or offending you in some other way. Still that’s no excuse to get snippy or sling insults. Call up your man, mom, sister, or a girlfriend if you need to vent and remember that a clean reputation is the best revenge.  

Cuss Up a Storm

Save the potty mouth for off hours. No matter how well my edges are flourishing I’m not recommending you to my boyfriend’s mom if you're going to be handing out four letter words like they’re penny candy. She doesn’t want to hear that and frankly no one else does either. Having trouble following this one? Challenge yourself with a swear jar. You can give the proceeds to charity in the salon’s name.

Apply Peer Pressure

We know you think Trina would look great as red head. Trina knows you think she would look great as a redhead. All the shampoo girls and the Portuguese barbecue delivery guys know you think Trina would look great as a redhead. But Trina asked you for highlights, so give her highlights. Suggest, don’t oversell or soon Trina might be gone.

Be Tardy for the Party

Time is valuable for everyone not just those in the service industry. We all know accidents happen but if you know you’re not a morning person don’t book a 7:15 appointment and show up an hour later with coffee. Your client won’t be amused.

Embrace False Advertisement

The temptation to fake it until you make it has never been stronger than in 2017. Fear of missing out has everyone claiming to do everything. Here's a valuable secret --lying about something won't improve your skills. If you’re unable to accommodate the latest trend let your client know that you care too much to set her up for failure. Use the clean reputation you’ve maintained by not being messy to refer her to another stylist you’ve connected with and use your free time to brush up on some new techniques! Hair isn't a situation where it's cool to fake it until you make it. 



Photo Credits: Healthy Black Woman, Pop Sugar, Uptown Magazine, Hello Beautiful, Bravo 

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1 comment

  • Sharon: July 20, 2017

    Yes! I have stopped going to salons for a few of these offenses. A lot of stylists start doing what they want to your hair once you get friendly with them. You ask for A and they try to bully you into another option or just do whatever they want and claim they forgot you wanted such and such. I am not here for any of that. I have quietly walked away from many a salon in my life and would not hestitate to do it again.

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